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!WARNING! This is a work in constant progress !WARNING!

I created this interactive mock-up to provide an easy way for people to see the Nutanix web console, named Prism Element, and look at the different features that are available on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.


It's really nothing too fancy... just some static screenshots that I created hot spots on so you can click/touch areas just like you would on a live system. One of the great things about the actual web console is that it is HTML5, so you can access it and administer your infrastructure from any mobile device that supports HTML5. The actual console is much more interactive and even easier to use. When you rollover an area that is interactive, like the menu system, you get visual feedback via animations.


Here is a video of some of the features of the Nutanix web console, Prism User Interface.


At some point in the future, there may be an external facing system that people can get on instead of this... but for now feel free to mess around with what I created. Don't worry... you can't break anything, so click around!