NEW! Nutanix iOS App

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Are you looking for more information on Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform or looking to understand how it works? Then this is the app for you!



- Overview: Get To Know Nutanix with a description of what Nutanix is, how Nutanix works, and what the various terms mean to you and your business.


- News: An RSS Feed Reader of the latest and greatest Nutanix information all in one spot.


- Web Console: A brief description of the Nutanix PRISM UI (user interface) along with a short video that shows the different components, as well as an interactive mock-up of the web console that you can explore to get an idea of the various features and functions you can perform.


This is only the first release of this application with much more to come in the future.






While I (@VirtuallyGeeky) may have come up with the ideas for this application, it was ONLY through the expertise of ThinkUpLLC that made this a reality. I can not thank them enough for their patience as I am attempting to learn iOS application development!!


If you are ever looking for an amazing iOS developer, make sure to reach out to ThinkUpLLC ( Awesome people!