Task & Email Management – Inbox Zero!

A little over 2 weeks ago I decided I needed a clean start with email. My inbox literally only had maybe 3 months worth of clutter because 3 months ago I tried to get a clean start back them. The problem the last time, and several attempts before that, was I didn’t fundamentally change the […]

Nutanix Offering Per Desktop VDI Pricing with Guaranteed Performance

The first infrastructure vendor in the industry to offer something like this, Nutanix is blazing yet another trail! Introducing Nutanix VDI Per Desktop and Assurance. The biggest problems that plague VDI deployments can be summed up by a few key things: Price Performance Uncertainty Let’s leave price alone for a second, because we will talk […]

See Shared Google Calendars in Native Apple Calendar Apps!

My company uses Google Apps for email, calendaring, etc. What bugged me was that I couldn’t figure out how to see other employee’s shared calendars in the native iOS/OS X Calendar application. So I would have to use Google’s web calendar app to see these, and that always seemed like a PITA to me. On […]

May the 4th Be With You!

Well, it’s that time of year again… Star Wars Day! I started my Star Wars movie marathon at 1pm today… at this rate, I will not finish all 7 of the movies (yes, I’m including the “Clone Wars” in this marathon) until around 3am! But so worth it. 😉 Hope every Star Wars fan is […]

Retina Display

Retina display goodness… ruined by low res images on the web

Retina, or high pixel density, displays are no longer new. They are on all the major and mainstream mobile devices, as well as Apple’s flagship MacBook Pro laptops. While Apple may have coined the term “retina” to differentiate between their lower resolution devices/displays, it is probably the term I will use when referring to displays […]

I Couldn’t Agree More!

Not too long ago, Kelly Olivier created a blog post for the Nutanix web site about his experience first as a customer, Nutanix’s FIRST customer in fact, and then as an employee of the company. Kelly and I started around the same time and we were at new hire training together, so that’s when I […]

Hello world!

First post on my new web host. Using WordPress for my new blogging engine… hoping it works as well or better than Blogger.com. My original VirtuallyGeeky blog, hosted on Blogger.com, is still available at virtuallygeeky.blogspot.com (can also use blogger.virtuallygeeky.com). I have also moved my interactive Nutanix Web Console to this new hosting, found at nutanix.virtuallygeeky.com.