I am VirtuallyGeeky.


My name is Tim Federwitz and I currently work at Nutanix (only the best company in the world) as a Senior Systems Engineer in the Philly-Metro area.


When I chose the name "VirtuallyGeeky" I was working at VMware on the Global End User Computing Center of Excellence team. I wanted to create an identity, other than just my name, that I could Tweet and blog under… however, pretty much everything I worked on at VMware was still in development or I wasn't allowed to talk about it, so I really didn't do a whole lot with the account at that time.


Now that I am at Nutanix, I have a lot more freedom to talk about things I am working on and the product. I actually created an iOS iPad application to teach people about Nutanix. Although, I am not only posting things about Nutanix.


I went to school at Creative and Performing Arts for Visual Arts covering painting, sculpting, graphic arts, etc. While I did not pursue a career in visual arts, it is still a passion for me... even if I don't use it that often. This web site actually allows me to use some of those gifts and share them with the world.


You can find me on the following social sites: